In a survival situation, you never know what you will face or how long before you get home. You must be prepared for anything and have equipment that you will realistically have on your person should you need it. The Patented and unique Survival Slingshot is designed to be a vital tool for survival, hunting, camping, archery and fishing.

Active, not passive survival

When it comes to finding food from game, we believe having a active approach is a critical compliment to more passive means. For example, you may well be able to set a snare but end up with nothing to eat. With a high powered slingshot, if you can see it, you can hit it. Every Survival Slingshot is capable of shooting standard arrows which opens up larger game to be taken. We have seen full sized deer taken with our standard 25LB bands. Need more power? Upgrade to our 45 LB pull archery bands! It is important to remember, slingshots never run out of ammunition allowing you to use the included shot ammo you have with you or rocks that you can pick up in the field.

Your ultimate back up

The Survival Slingshot has a watertight hollow handle which allows you to store a generous eight cubic inches of survival items to give you a wide range of capability for survival. It folds down to a compact size to store and weighs only two pounds. Every model includes a compass and the integrated rail system allows you to customize your slingshot any way you may need.

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November 23rd, 2014
Black Friday and Cyber Monday Specials! Announcing Bow Fishing and Archer Upgrades

Get a start on your holiday shopping with our Black Friday Specials and save 15% off your entire order. Simply input code blackfriday at checkout to save on everything. To mark the holiday shopping season we are launching two new products. The Bow Fishing Upgrade is here    http://survivalslingshot.com/bow-fishing-upgrade/   and we now offer an upgrade path for the Standard Sling Shot to our Slingshot Archer  http://survivalslingshot.com/archery-upgrade-for-standard-survival-slingshot/ 

October 17th, 2014
Laser Sight Now Available! Announcing the Survival Sling Shot Ultimate

We are very pleased to launch our latest version of our sling shot. The new Ultimate model adds a fully adjustable center line laser sight to improve hunting and target shooting with either standard ammunition or arrows. We experimented with many versions and after extensive revisions and changes finally came up with a way to mount the laser that projects a beam correctly in the center of the target area. In addition, it had to be adjustable for both elevation and windage to support different shooting styles and preferences. This is not the first sling shot to have a laser… Read More

August 16th, 2014
See the Survival Slingshot and other cool gear on Uncrate

Uncrate is a great place to look for cool new gear for outdoors, hunting, camping and of course, survival gear! Check it out here http://uncrate.com/stuff/survival-slingshot/

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