Survival Slingshot Ultimate Plus- Green Laser & Upgraded Light

Our best Sling Shot just got better. We were asked for a brighter compact light and a green laser upgrade and after evaluations and tests we selected the best value and performance for the upgrade. The Survival Slingshot Ultimate Plus includes a high powered ADE Optics green laser as well as an upgraded Ultrafire Cree Tactical Light. The Green Laser has a quick change mount and is normally used on handguns and is much more powerful than the standard red laser. The Cree torch is several times brighter than our standard for better performance at night. The Ultimate plus includes everthing in the Ultimate plus the upgrades for the most capable Sling Shot on the market.


Survival Slingshot Ultimate with Green Laser and Cree Torch


Survival Sling Shot Ultimate Plus

Survival Slingshot Ultimate Plus












Cree Ultrafire

Cree Ultrafire

Green and Red Laser comparison

Green and Red Laser comparison


Order Survival Sling Shot Ultimate Plus Survival Slingshot Ultimate Plus @ $274.95

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