Quick Change Yoke with 45-55 LB Archery Bands

The ultimate in power and utility for your Survival Slingshot. This is an additional steel yoke with a 45-55 LB pull band (depending on draw length) that is strictly for shooting arrows. Simply slip standard yoke and band off and pull new yoke on to the Survival Slingshot for even greater power and ease of use with a standard bow string on end of bands. Standard bowstring allows the use of an arrow release for better accuracy as well. Switch back to standard yoke and slingshot pouch in seconds.




45-55 LB Pull Band

45-55 LB Pull Band




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August 7th, 2016
Sportsman Channels Pigman Video Review of the Survival Slingshot!

First of a few videos by Pigman from www.pigmantv.com

May 25th, 2016
Survival Slingshot New Video- Quick Overview

April 20th, 2016
Sling Shot Slamma Jamma

One of the perks of writing in the outdoor industry is you get to try out really cool stuff. Survival Slingshot definitely fits in the “cool stuff” category and I could not wait to get my hands on it. From the time you open the box you realize this slingshot is more than just “cool stuff.” I served in the Army for eight years, and everything about this “slingshot” is military grade. After handling it for a bit, I knew I needed to learn more about this company named Survival Slingshot and how they make this thing. It turns out… Read More

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